Vegan Salmon Burger Is Made from Fungi and Algae

A start-up in California has invented a foodstuff it says looks, smells and tastes exactly like salmon

Terramino Foods has created the vegan salmon burger from koji, a fungus, which gives the ‘meat’ its texture and shape, and algae which gives taste and also provides nutrients like fatty acids. 

The product has been developed as a way to tackle the enviromental pressures of seafood consumption and also to provide an alternative to toxin and antibiotic-containing wild and farmed fish. 

According to Fast Company, the vegan salmon burger is “nearly indistinguishable” side by side with a real salmon burger from Whole Foods. Terramino will begin selling their products to restaurants late in 2018, starting with the burger and a fillet, before seeking to develop further vegan fish and meat products. 

Vegan salmon is the latest in a long line of products, like the meat-free, ‘bleeding’ Impossible Burger about which unsavoury questions are being asked currently – aimed at reducing meat and fish consumption through plant-based alternatives or lab-grown meat, while also tapping into the growing vegan movement.  

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