Two-Bean Soup with Kale Recipe


I made this soup this afternoon, on a very chilly Massachusetts day. Add to this some whole-grain crackers or whole-grain bread, and dinner is ready.

Having read previous comments, I would ask of you: please do not be tempted to add meat stock. It is so not necessary, and so much kinder, not to.

I understand that not everyone embraces my vegetarian lifestyle, but we all can help a little by not believing that a dish isn’t good without meat. This one, trust me, is awesome.

I had some sauteed portabella and button mushrooms in the freezer, so I threw some in. Delicious.

The great thing about good cooks is that we are really good at adapting. No kale? Throw in some spinach or collards or any green leafie you have hanging around.

Adding meat, especially processed meat, makes this lovely soup much less healthy. Add the huge amount of salt, preservatives, and sat fat, and you no longer have the wonderful good-for-you soup this was intended to be.


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