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Alright so your anniversary is coming up, or maybe you’re like me and you’re just married to a woman so wonderful that she deserves a romantic night. But there’s a problem. You can’t cook. Maybe you’re pretty good at putting chicken fingers in the oven and maybe you’ve even managed to throw some chopped up potatoes on the stove without burning down the house a time or two but you’re certainly not cut out to make a wonderful dinner to wow your better half.You sound like me! But fear not, this Lime-Cilantro Pork Tacos recipe is here to come to the rescue. I cooked this baby up on Friday night (the Fire department is right down the hill) and I’m proud to say my house is still standing and there weren’t even any trips to the ER that night. Because despite looking intimidating, this recipe is actually really easy to make.Most of the ingredients are things you just chop up and the rest are even easier. No sweat. Hold the pork in place with a fork to make it easier to cut into strips, and everything else you can’t mess up if you try, barring cutting a finger off. Do keep in mind that raw pork will contaminate anything it touches, including your hands (and by extension anything you touch) but just leave the water running and immediately toss the utensils and cutting board into the sink and wash your hands when you put the pork in the frying pan (it will be ok for the minute or so it takes to wash your hands). Protip, when you cut open a fresh jalapeno (don’t use pickled jalas btw; she deserves better than that!) you’ll notice that there’s a white-ish part inside that all the seeds like to hang out near. This is the spiciest part of the pepper, and you can adjust the heat of the overall dish by removing some of it or even removing it completely. Also, use a steamer to warm up the tortillas if you want them to really turn out nicely.I substituted tenderloin for pork chops because they’re much cheaper, and olive oil for canola because olive gives me stomach problems, but the recipe turned out great anyway. Making those substitutions, shopping at the right grocery store (Aldi), and having already had some of the ingredients that there’s a good chance you have lying around too (salt and pepper, onions, cooking oil), I made this, a side of Spanish rice and a fancy Mexican-style dessert I also found at this site all from scratch for about the cost of one meal at a mid-cost restaurant, and we had PLENTY left over. And included in that cost I also snagged a candle and a fancy-looking candle holder for romantic effect. (Protip, you can also find music on youtube that is both mood and theme-appropriate by searching “Spanish guitar”.)My wife and I were blown away by how delicious this is (especially since, if you recall I can’t cook to save my life), and she sent a text message and pictures to all her friends, saying that any restaurant would love to have my cooking on their menu. I sent a text message of apology to all her friends’ husbands because they won’t be able to find a recipe to top this one that’s even remotely this easy to make. But of course I also shared the secret with them so they can do it too.

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