4 Tasty Recipes to Try

Is Japanese knotweed taking over your garden – instead of fighting the invasive weed, why not learn to love it by harnessing its edible uses in these tasty Japanese knotweed recipes instead!

The hollow stems of Japanese knotweed are a fun kitchen ingredient to work with – tart, crunchy and juicy, they taste rather like rhubarb and can be used in both sweet and savoury cooking and enjoyed both raw and cooked.

Try the tender young tips, rather than older fibrous stems. If you don’t have any close to home try looking in wild areas,  follow these foraging guidelines from Vildmad. You’ll soon discover this vociferous weed is a forager’s dream, even Rene Redzepi’s a fan!

Scroll down to find out some unusual recipes for enjoying this unique plant, from mousse and jelly to grilled stems and bread, discover how to fall in love with this mighty weed.



Japanese Knotweed Recipes


1. Japanese Knotweed Puree

Try whipping up this incredibly simple wild peppermint knotweed mousse recipe from foragerchef.com, ideal as a light snack or appetiser. 

Image: foragerchef.com


2. Grilled Knotweed with Fish Mayonnaise

Grill up some tender tips and serve them with this umami packed homemade mayonnaise in this elegant appetiser recipe from vildmad.

Image: Vildmad.dk


3. Japanese Knotweed Bread

You can even turn Japanese knotweed into an everyday staple with this bread recipe from Ediblewildfood.com.

Image: Ediblewildfood.com


4. Japanese Knot Weed Jelly

Why not go all out and make some delicous Japanese knotweed jelly to enjoy with your home baked bread. Try this recipe from the 3foragers.com.

Image: 3foragers.com


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